Penyelesaian Numerik Metode Distilasi Biner McCabe-Thiele

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The Graphical McCabe-Thiele is a method to calculate the theoretical stage of biner distillation. Generally, that’s still used to analyze the biner distillation because a simple formulation and mostly used in chemical engineering course. The equilibrium curve, operation line and equilibrium stages are constructed, sothatthe number of theoretical stages can be calculated. Furthermore, drawing an equilibrium curve, operation line, and equilibrium stages must be accurate. It will be complicated to observe the impact of input difference, because the curve should be re-constructed and need more time. This article use matlab for solving the distillation biner’s equation (ethanol and water). The numerical calculation for R = 3 acquired the ideal stage = 11,5313, actual stage = 16,6682 and overall efficiency = 0,6918. Furthermore, the calculation with R = 2 get the ideal stage = 16,7885, actual stage = 24,6271and overall efficiency = 0,6817. Numerical method can solve this problem without change the equilibrium curve, operation line and equilibrium stages.



Distillation biner, Matlab, McCabe-Thiele