Hubungan Kelincahan dengan Dribbling Sepak bola di SMP 15 Pekanbaru

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ABSTRACT Yudhi Adi Putra, 2012 : Relationship Agility on Dribbling Soccer in Junior High School (SMP) 15 Pekanbaru Yudhi Adi Putra Di bawah bimbingan Drs. Yuherdi, S.Pd Drs. Masrur, M. Pd Mahasiswa Jurusan Pendidikan Olahraga (PENJASKES) Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Universitas Riau Jl. Paus no. 5 Rumbai Pekanbaru 0761-53437 INDONESIA This study uses correlation method that describes a symptom which can be deduced from the results of the test and measurement. Statements made relating to: Relationship Agility on Dribbling Soccer in Junior High School (SMP) 15 Pekanbaru. In this study, sampling was using the technique purposive sampling by taking some population. With respect to this research, given the number of population is 129 people, so that the sample in this study only 25 people from the part of the population. Thus, the number of samples is 25 junior high school students 15 Pekanbaru. The required data is obtained using tests and measurements. Furthermore, the data obtained was analyzed using statistical formations tabulated frequencies and percentages. From the 25 samples (by boys) obtained significant data that the hypothesis is accepted at the 0.05 significance level, in other words there is a significant relationship between Agility (x) with Dribbling (y), with the determination of 10.24%. Based on calculations from the data obtained, the coefficient of correlation between Agility with Dribbling of (rxy = 0.32) in the category of low-level relationships. From the test results obtained t value of 1.63 from the distribution list obtained at 0.05 t 0.05 (23) = 1.714, then Ho is rejected, it means with 99% confidence level was concluded that the correlation coefficient between the two variables Agility (x) with Dribbling (y) has a close relationship. Keywords : Agility and Dribbling


Hubungan Kelincahan dengan Dribbling Sepak bola


Agility, Dribbling