Bioreaktor Hybrid Anaerob Dua Fasa Untuk Biokonversi Limbah Cair Pabrik Kelapa Sawit

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Anaerobic hybrid bioreactor configuration in converting the liquid waste content of high organic materials can be done with a single-phase configuration and two-phase configuration. In a single-phase anaerobic hybrid bioreactor, methanogenesis and acidogenesis take place in a single bioreactor. As a result it is somewhat difficult to control pH and low process stability. To overcome these weaknesses, the anaerobic hybrid bioreactor uses two phases. Condition of operation two-phase anaerobic hybrid bioreactor was conducted at room temperature and continuous. The hydraulic residence time in the bioreactor tested for acidogenesis ranged from 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1 day with COD loading rate ranges from 150, 100, 75 dan 50 kg/m³-day, while the hydraulic residence time in the bioreactor for methanogenesis was 1 day with COD loading rate of 50 kg/m³-day. Testing at high organic loading is done by the variable residence time the same of methanogenesis and acidogenesis bioreactors i.e 0.5, 0.7, 1 day with COD loading rate ranges from 150, 100, dan 50 kg/m³-day. The results showed that the hydraulic residence time was optimum at 1.5 days (0.5 days in acidogenesis phase and 1 day in methanogenesis phase) with a COD removal efficiency of 84 % is capable of removing COD by 92 kgCOD/m3-day with the quality of effluent at COD 8,000 mgCOD/L and the content of nutrients (NPK), which is relatively good and the acquisition of specific methane gas by 46 m3/kgCOD removed. In addition, system stability is relatively good with the ratio of volatile fatty acids and alkalinity of 0,052.



anaerobic hybrid bioreactor, acidogenesis, liquid waste, methanogenesis, two-phase