Substitusi Tepung Terigu Dengan Pati Sagu dan Mocaf (Modified cassava flour) Dalam Pembuatan Roti Manis

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Bread is one of the meals are very popular in Indonesia. Some advantages of food ready to eat bread as compared to the other is instantly consumed, it is easy to stock when busy, good for kids to adults, easily consumed anytime and anywhere, is more nutritious. But until now, the wheat flour used for bread-making remains to be imported. Breadfruit flour can be substituted with wheat flour in making bread. The resulting sweet bread has a nutritional value that does away with sweet bread made from 100% wheat flour. Along with the increasing consumer demand for snacks instead of staple food, especially bread in the traditional markets in village or city, making the role of bread one day not only limited menu for breakfast. This Research carried out experimentally and using RAL consisting of 6 treatments and 3 replication. The treatment used is ; TSM0: Wheat flour 100%, TSM1: Wheat flour 90%, sago 5% and 5% Mocaf, TSM2: Wheat flour 80%, sago 10% and 10% Mocaf, TSM3: Wheat flour 70%, sago 15% and 15% Mocaf, TSM4: Wheat flour 60%, sago 20% and 20% Mocaf , TSM5: Wheat flour 50%, sago 25% and 25% Mocaf. The results showed that the treatment of TSM3 (Wheat Flour 70%, sago 15% and Mocaf 30%) with 28,66% moisture content, ash content 1.58%, starch content of 13.11%, rate of progression 28,67mm, and overall assessment of sweet bread 3.96 (like) close to 100% wheat flour characteristics.


Rahmawati Ulfah. Jur. 2012


wheat flour, starch, sago, Mocaf, sweet bread