Skrining Bakteri Vibrio sp Penyebab Penyakit Udang Berbasis Teknik Sekuens 16S rDNA

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This research was conducted from May to July 2008 and aim to know the species of Vibrio sp that infected shrimp (Penaeus monodori) based on sequence 16S.rDNA. The Vibrio were isolated from shrimp, culture farm water, and sea water in Bantan Air Village, Bengkalis Island. Isolation, morphological observation and biochemical tests were analized in the Integrated Laboratory in Marine Science Program of Fisheries and Marine Science Faculty, University of Riau. PGR {Polymerase Chain Reaction) and sequencing DNA process were conducted in Gen Technology Laboratory, Biotech Center, BPPT Serpong. Based on BLAST system treasured through Gen Bank, the result shown that five species were found, namely Vibrio alginolyticus starin FNS 08, Vibrio parahaemolyticus strain FNS C08, Vibrio harveyi strain FNS BOS, Vibrio shiloni strain FNS DOS and Vibrio vulnificus strain FNS EOS.



Skrining Bakteri, Teknik Sekuens 16S rDNA