Uji Aktivitas Anti jamur Dan Angka Cemaran Mikroba Ekstrak Dan Fraksinat Metanol Dari Bunga Kuning Tanaman Dahlia (Dahlia Variabilis)

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producers of antimicrobial compounds is of the Family Compositae. Plant dahlia {Dahlia variabilis) is found in Compositae plants in upland areas. Dahlia plants rich in carbohydrates such as inulin, fat and protein that is a primary metabolite. Extraction flower of dahlia (Dahlia variabilis) that yellow made with methanol in order to obtain the total methanol extract as much as much as 52.341 g. Extract was separated by vacuum liquid chromatography (VLC) in order to obtain eight fractions which were combined under the same Rf value on TLC test. Antifungal activity carried out using disc diffusion method. In this study the results obtained for the antifungal activity of the fungus Candida albicans with inhibition zone diameter to the concentration of 1% and 2% respectively obtained of 0.93 mm and 0.86 mm.Tests conducted with microbial contamination rate determination of total plate coxmt of fungi and bacteria, and determination of total coliform. On The methanol extract obtained negative results. Dahlia flower methanol extract did not contain pathogenic microorganisms and non-pathogenic



Dahlia variabilis, Compositae, Extraction, Candida albicans