Pengaruh Perilaku Konsumen dan Kelompok Referensi terhadap Keputusan Menabung Nasabah serta Bentukan Brand Image pada PT.Bank Riau Cabang Utama Pekanbaru.

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The research is conducted at main branch office ofPT. BankRiau and aims to investigate the consumer behaviour in banking industry, to look for reference group, which has influence on banking consumer's behavioural activity and to investigate what kind of attributes, those are influential informing brand image at main branch office ofPT. BankRiau. Data analy.sis in this research is done by taking Fishbein Model and Linier Multiple Regression to know influence of consumer behaviour, and then continued with Fishbein Extended in measuring influence of reference group on that consutner behaviour and doing attribute effectiveness test with Cohrain Model. The research result shows that main factor in providing sen'ice, which influence consumer behaviour is assurance and other factors are responsiveness, reliability, empathy, and tangibles, while for reference group in deciding to save, re.spondents are influenced by variable offamily and friend, which trend prefer to follow family's .suggestion than friend's one. Next, Attribute Test shows that main attributes, which forms brand image and influence customer decision's on saving consist of comfort of M'aiting room, location, security) and sen'ice, and once those factors identified, object can decide strategy that give more attention on maintaining main attribute



Brand Image, Reference Group, Consumer Behaviour