“Makna Kanji Berbushu Kokoro Hen dan Kokoro Ashi”

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One of effective way for learner to learn kanji easily is learning bushu. Bushu or this basic character has 214 character. „Kokoro‟ is one of them. There are two forms of „kokoro‟, 忄(kokoro hen) is bushu which place in the left side of kanji. While 心 is bushu which place in the bottom side of kanji. Both of this bushu have the same meaning, related to affection, but the difference position of both bushu make the differenciation in meaning. Based on the analysis of kanji‟s meaning that the bushu was „kokoro hen‟ and „kokoro ashi‟, „kokoro hen‟ refers to affection which come from heart or mental condition. Beside that, „kokoro ashi‟ refers to affection also things that relation to the thinking activity, in the other word the realization of the affect which is expressed.


Makna Kanji Berbushu Kokoro Hen dan Kokoro Ashi


bushu,, kokoro hen,, kokoro ashi