Nilai Sosial Dalam Basisombau Kampar

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This reseach named social value in Basisombau Kampar. The descriptions of the result in this researh are: (1) Social value in Sisombau at family environment, (2) Social value in Sisombau at society. The purpose at family and society. The method used in this research in descriptive, a research that done according to the characteristic that oriented to the real data. This method used frame of reference a qualitatif research. The data in tis research come from a text that used in Basisombau Kampar. In Kampar sisombau there are social values which more dominant to family environment, because of family becoming place finish many time and as place begin recognize life. Educative and trained small since in family environment, making family as place of very play a part in social value in Camphor sisombau.


Nilai Sosial Dalam Basisombau Kampar


Value, Social, Basisombau