Dampak Penggunaan Handpone Pada Anak Sekolah Dasar Negeri 006 Langgini Bangkinang Kecamatan Bangkinang Kabupaten Kampar

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Humans are social creatures, meaning that humans can not live without the help of another people.In realizing humans’ nature, humansdo the interaction with others using variety of ways, both directly and indirectly. Social interaction is a dynamic social relations to relations between individuals, between groups of people, as well as among individuals with human groups. Social interaction is the key to all social life.Interaction and communication is an expression which can then describe the way as well as communication. Due to the general interaction is an activity that allows the relationship between a person with another person who then actualized through the practice of communication. This study was conducted in state elementary school 006 Langgini Bangkinang. The study was conducted through observation approach, relying on secondary data and primary data from respondents to the objects in question through questionnaires and free interviews.The subject of this study is 6 studentsand their parents as well as 11 teachers.The technique using purposive sampling. The technique is one of sampling technique that is often used in the study of language, words, purposive meaning intentionally. Based on the research conducted it can be concluded that the forms of negative and positive effects caused by mobile phone from the negative side more than on the positive side.In this study researcher can increase knowledge of research methodology and for the school to provide information about the importance of knowledge about the effect of mobile phone usage in elementary school children.For the Institute of Education can be used for library materials.



mobile phone, children, school