Etika Melayu Dalam Pantang Larang

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Abstinence ban contained in the Kuok certainly had good intentions in the social interaction. That's because basically banned abstinence tucked inside elements of ethics that aims to establish a good personality. This study aims to describe how the ethics of man to God, man against her ethics, ethical leadership, ethics and compassion for humanity and the natural environment ethics contained in each of the existing bans abstinence in the Kuok. This study categorized as qualitative research. The method used is descriptive. The data was analyzed and found to be grouped according to Malay ethics contained in each of abstinence forbids. Based on the results of the study, of101abstinence bans contained in the Kuok found 4 people to God whom ethics is gratitude to God, obedience to Go dand believed Islamic law and ethics appropriate to the angels of God. There are 72 human ethics of self in society bans abstinence Kuok is associated with the act of self-respect. There are 3ethical leadership is related to the value of politeness as a traditional leader who is also called the penghulu or niniok mamak. There are 52 pieces of etiquette towards fellow humans is associated with good treatment of the fellow human beings. And there are 6 natural environment that is ethical to prosper, maintain and preserve the earth


Etika Melayu Dalam Pantang Larang


Ethics Bans Malay and Abstinence