Coral Reef Rehabilitation In Marine Tourism Park Of Pieh Island And Its Surrounding Waters

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Pieh islandand its surrounding waters in West Sumatera Province has been recently declared as a marine tourism park. Covering a total area of 39,900 ha, this parkis rich by coral reef ecosystem, especially in five dedicated small islands: Pieh, Bando, Air, Pandan and Toran. Based on the identification and monitoring efforts carried out in 2010, more than 50 % of coral reef in this area was damaged. The objective of this paper is to describe the rehabilitation measures that have been carried out by LKKPN since 2010 to improve the conditions of coral reef ecosystem. The measures consisting of legal aspects (e.g. regulations and local rules), technical aspects (e.g. monitoring and transplantations), and other supporting measures have shown some improvement on the quantity of living coral reefs. Moreover, in order to boost the economy of locals, future plan to manage this marine tourism park will also be discussed.



Pieh islands, coral reefs, marine tourism park, rehabilitation