Motivasi Wanita Menjadi Pekerja Satuan Pengamanan (Satpam) di Rumah Sakit Santa Maria Kota Pekanbaru

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The family is the smallest unit, consisting of father, mother, and children. As one of the members of the family, a woman take an active role in achieving that goal, so it does not just depend on what is and the husband done and obtained. Motivation women security guard in the economic and social needs is a need or demand of life. The main reason they work is economic reasons, which is to make a living because of the husband's income in the sense of lack and can not provide for his family. Problems in the study are (1) How do the characteristics of women security guard at St. Maria's Hospital in the city of Pekanbaru? (2) How does women’s motivate to be a security guard? (3) How does the economic and social conditions? The purpose of this study was to determine the characteristics of a woman security guard at St. Maria's Hospital in the city of Pekanbaru. To find the motivation of guard women at work and in social, economic needs and their families. Respondents in this study were the women security guard in Santa Maria Hospital in Pekanbaru which consists of 18 research respondents. The approach taken in this research is descriptive kuantitatif. The process of data collection using interviews, observation and documentation. Woman security guard took part in adding to the family income. That is by the way a woman working as a security guard without leaving the role of a wife in the family. From the salaray of the guard women, husband shortage can be covered. And of course the woman worked as a security guard was very helpful in terms of fulfill the needs of the households is increasing. The suggestion that the authors say is the Government, especially the Department of Labor in Pekanbaru City should give attention to the women security guard in the city of Pekanbaru in an effort to improve their welfare.



Motivation, women, security guard working