The Study Of Tofu Nuggets Fortified With Catfish (Pangasius Hypopthalmus) Protein Concentrates

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Nuggets fortified with Catfish (Pangasius hypopthalmus) was introduced to increase its economical value. Tofu was applied as a subsituent material to make nuggets. The aim of this study was to determine quality of tofu nuggets fortified with different concentrations of Catfish Protein Concentrates. Completely Random Design non factorial with three levels treatment of Catfish Protein Concentrates (0 %, 5 %, and 10 % from tofu weight) and three repetations were used. The results show that there was interaction between treatments of different level concentrations of Catfish Protein Concentrates to the proximate analyze and preference test of organoleptics on tofu nuggets. The best treatment of tofu nuggets was in 5 % of Catfish Protein Concentrates which contains water contents of 52,98 % and protein of 16,70 %, while organoleptic test showed that generally the panelists like flavor, texture, appearance and odor of the tofu nuggets fortified with Catfish Protein Concentrates, as many as 70, 75, 75, and 75 people, respectively



Fish Protein Concentrate, tofu nuggets, catfish