Analisis Tingkat Kesejahteraan Karyawan PT Tunggal Perkasa Plantations di Kabupaten Indragiri Hulu

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Welfare is a form of remuneration material and non material provided by the company based on company policy, in order to maintain and improve the physical and mental condition of employees in order to increase productivity. family welfare level employees can be seen from the family expenditure through: education, health, transportation, recreation, power requirements, and insurance. This study aims to determine the extent of the welfare of the employees of PT. Tunggal Perkasa Plantations Indragiri Hulu. Total population in this study were 1129 people. Administration, Plant, Plant, Engineering, and other Title each taken 5% of the total population, didapatlah sample of 58 people. The analytical method used is the Chi Square test, the results of the data it is known that the administration of education and income affect the level of welfare of employees which is due to Compute Chi> Chi table. Achievement levels of overall well-being of employees of PT Tunggal Perkasa Plantations Indragiri Hulu has been prosperous can be seen from the fulfillment of the 7 indicators of well-being: education, consumption, electricity demand, communication, rekreaksi, insurance. and income received by an employee is used for consumption and savings.


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