Analisis Produksi Enzim Laminarinase Dari Gliocladium sp. TNC73 DAN Gliocladium sp. TNC59 Lokal Riau

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Gliocladium sp. TNC73 and TNC59 are effective biocontrol fungi isolated from Riau soil. These strains have been tested for their effectiveness in plant protection through antagonistic studies and plant protection studies. The ability of Gliocladium sp. TNC73 and TNC59 lies among others to their ability in producing fungal cell wedl degrading enzymes. Apart from chitin, P-1,3 glucan and P-1,6 glucan are among the major fimgal cell wall constituents in fungal phatogens. Analysis of laminarinase produced from Gliocladium sp. TNC73 and TNC59 are very important to apply these biocontrol fungi effectively, to know the kinds of specific fungal plant pathogens that they inhibit. Apart from p-1,3 glucan and P-1,6 glucan linkage hydrolysis, laminarinase have tlie potential to be used in developement of pharmaceuticals. Laminarinase is used to modify complex polysaccharidee used as anticancer drugs. Laminarinase from Gliocladium sp. TNC73 and TNC59 were produced in production media containing 0,2 % laminarin from laminaria digitata, pH 5,5, room temperature, and monitored over time. Activity of laminarinase was determined by incubation of crude extracts with 0,2 % laminarin for 1 hour at 40"C, pH 5,5. One unit (U) of activity was defined as the quantity of enzyme that released 1 ^mol reducing sugar per minute. The highest laminarinase activity was produced by Gliocladium sp. TNC73 with an activity of 0,058 U/mL crude enzyme after 7 days of production. This is significantiy higher (p<0,05) than that produced by Gliocladium sp. TNC59 with an activity of 0,018 U/mL. The specific activity of laminarinase is significantly higher (p<0,05) than Gliocladium sp. TNC73 and Gliocladium sp. TNC59.



Produksi Enzim Laminarinase