Produksi Enzim Laminarinase Trichoderma Sp. Lokal Riau

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Trichoderma asperellum TNC52 and TNJ63 are two Riau Trichoderma sp. biocontrol strain which can protect plants from several pathogen fungi. The analysis of T. asperellum TNC52 and TNJ63 protection ability is very important therefore the use of biocontrol more effective, to make sure the fungi activity was inhibit. Beside degradate the y9-l,3 and y9-l,6 glucan bond, laminarinase also has potential to develop in farmation industry, which was use to modificate the protein-polysaccharide kompleks that nowdays use in cancer therapy. Laminarinase T. asperellum TNC52 and TNJ63 were produce in media contain laminarin 0,2%, pH 5,5, room temperature, the activity of laminarinase was determinate by crude enzim extract incubation on with laminarin 0,02% for hour, in 40"C temperature, pH 5,5. The research result of T. asperellum TNC52 show the activity of laminarinase crude extract was highest on 3-5 days production with mean value (0,0102 ± 0,0005) unit/mL. The highest activity of laminarinase TNJ63 crude extract was in 5 days production (0,0090 ± 0,0064) unit/mL. Spesific activity of commersial Trichoderma sp. enzyme was (3,6302 ± 0,8867) unit/mg protein which was significantly higher (/7<0,05) than specific activity of crude enzyme laminarinase T. asperellum TNC52 and TNJ63 extract, (0,9046 ± 0,1257) unit/mg protein and (0,7480 ± 0,0616) unit/mg protein. While the activity of T. asperellum laminarinase TNC52 and TNJ63 not different significantly (p>0,05) one another.



Trichoderma asperellum TNJ63, TNJ63, Trichoderma asperellum TNC52