Karakterisasi Selulase Trichoderma Sp. T.N.C52, T.N.J63, LBKURCC 20, Dan LBKURCC 21

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Fungi of the genus Trichoderma are soilbome, green-spored ascomycetes that can found all over the world. Trichoderma sp. have been known to be able to attack other fungi, to produce antibiotics that affect other microbes, and to acts as biocontrol microbes. Trichoderma T.N.C52 and T.N.J63 are isolated from citrus and cocoa plantation soil in Riau. Trichoderma LBKURCC 20 and LBKURCC 21 are isolated from Hutan Giam Siak kecil, Bukit Batu. Species of Trichoderma producing several fungitoxic cell-wall-degrading enzymes have also been adopted as agents of biological control of plant pathogenic fungi. They produced the cellulases are important to degradation cellulosic waste. In this research, enzyme produced by fermentation experiments were performed in shake flasks using Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) as carbon sources and pH 5.5. The incubation time is 72 hours. The activity of enzyme test using CMC as substrate and various temperature. At SS'^C, 40°C, and 45°C, activity of enzyme are (6.0542±5.623) x 10"^; (7.3326±3.3444) x 10"^; dan (1.9958±1.4780) x 10"^ respectively.



Trichoderma, cellulose., carboxymethylcellulosei