Efektifitas Pendidikan Kesehatan Tentang Pengelolaan Air Bersih Terhadap Pencegahan f Penyakit Diare Pasca Banjir Di Daerah Pesisir Simgai Siak Pekanbaru

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of health education about management of using the clean water for the prevention of diarrheal diseases after the floods in coastal areas of the Siak River Pekanbaru. Design of this study was a quasi experimental approach "cross-sectional". The experiment was conducted in the Puskesmas Rumbai conducted in March and May 2012. Research procedures that provide health education in the intervention group (15 person) on water management for the prevention of diarrheal diseases after the flood and after it was given the post test questions. The control group after being given a pre-test questions are not given health education and immediately following the treatment process at the health center and after treatment given post test questions. The resuhs were in the control group p value is 0.719, which means that there is an increase in knowledge of the respondents and in the intervention group p value is 0.001, which means there is an increased knowledge of the I respondent after health education about water management for the prevention of diarrhea.



Health Belief Model, prevention of diarrheal disease