Analisis Migrasi Formaldehid Pada Kemasan Styrofoam Dalam Makanan Cepat Saji

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Styrofoam is use for food pactcaging has dominated the marl<et share of replacing tin and glass. Styrofoam is practice and simple than used like to instan noodle packaging. The material of sytrofoam packaging cosist of polymere, originated from stiren monomers. The themperature influence for food was packaged by Styrofoam can be cause oxidation reaction between stiren monomer with ozone to make formaldehyde. The negative aspects o f Styrofoam packaging for food is that its formaldehyde will stick to the food. I f the formaldehyde as preservative in food over safety value, it can be toxic. This research aims to the content of the formaldehyde in fastfood based on themperature. The quantity of the formaldehyde in fastfood can be measured by spectrophotometrically with schift^s reagent. The result of the research shows that this study the formaldehyde level with the highest value of 2,712 ppm at themperature 100 0C, and the themperature 50 0C had not deteckted which were the lowest levels..



formaldehyde, Styrofoam, spectrophotometri method, fastfood.