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  • Siska, Merry; Morena, Yenita (2014-02-25)
    Simulation is the limitation of a dynamic system using a computer model in order to evaluate and improve system performance. Tutus Medika Polyclinic as case study in this paper, currently serving two health services, ...
  • Siska, Merry; Morena, Yenita; Tarmizi (2014-02-25)
    CV. Asia Bumi is one of the company that produces several types of products such as soy sauce (sweet soy sauce and salt soy sauce), vinegar. sauces (chills sauce and tomato sauce). These products consist of various kinds ...
  • Siska, Merry; Morena, Yenita; Anugrah, Anditya (2014-02-25)
    Activities reaching, bending, lifting heavy loads are carried out repeatedly on the process pressing and cutting in the manufacture of tofu out not in accordance with the principles of ergonomics. Application of presses ...
  • Siska, Merry; Morena, Yenita (2014-02-25)
    Tata letak fasilitas Iantai produksi sangat mempengaruhi proses produksi yang terjadi dalam sebuah pabrik. Proses perancangan tata letak fasilitas Jantai produksi haruslah direncanakan sebaik mungkin agar tercipta tata ...
  • Siska, Merry; Morena, Yenita; Anugrah, Anditya (2014-02-25)
    lndustries are required to operate more efliciently in order to compete with other industries. PT. Ewan Super Wood are engaged in manufacturing in the manufacture of plywood. Current conditions and the balance of the ...
  • Morena, Yenita; Siska, Merry (2014-02-25)
    Perancangan tata Letak meliputi pengaturan tata letak fasililas-fasilitas operasi dengan memanfaatkan area yang tersedia untuk penempatan meSin-mesin, behan-bahan perlengkapan untuk operasi, dan ssmua peralatan yang ...

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