Optimalisasi Produksi Kitosan Menggunakan Metoda Cepat Gelombang Mikro Dari Limbah Kulit Udang Putih (Penaeus Merguensis)

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Chitosan is tlie deacetylation's product of chitin which are found on the outer skin of Crustacea species such as shrimps and crabs. In recent years microwave chemistry has received much attention as it can speed up the reaction rate by orders of magnitude over conventional heating. In spite of it, the use of microwave irradiation for carrying out chemical reactions for biotechnological processes is few. Microwave irradiation has been used for the chemical modification of chitosan. Chitosan is synthesized by deacetylating chitin with NaOH solution under microwave irradiation. The process describes a rapid synthesis procedure in comparison to conventional methods. The microwave-synthesized chitosan was characterized by Ninhydrin test, Fourier transform-infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction measurements.



chitosan, microwave