A Study on Consumer Acceptance of Fish Peanut Brittle Prepared by Addition of Different Amount of Tapioca Flour

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The research was conducted at the Laboratory of Fish Processing and Food Chemistry Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science, University of Riau in June 2012. The research was intended to determine consumer acceptance of fish peanut brittle prepared by addition of different amount of tapioca flour. (Clarias gariepinus) catfish weighing 300-400 g each were taken from a fish market in pekanbaru. The fish was filleted, washed, ground. The mince was added with spice and different amount of tapioca flour: 10% and 20%. The product were evaluated for consumer acceptance, moisture, protein and fat compotition. The result indicated that the peanut brittle fortified with 20% tapioca flour was the best quality product. Proximat compotition of the product was moisture: 12.307%, protein: 21.093% and fat: 15.22%.



catfish, tapioca flour, consumer acceptance, proximat compotition