Analysis Of Public Participation Disaster On Landslide In Sub District Karangtengah, District Wonogiri

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wahyu sari yeni


Karangtengah sub district located in Wonogiri, by BPBD Wonogiri map, this area has a high level of vulnerability to landslides.Thereforeit is important for community to realize the threats that exist in the region. The purpose of this research is (1) .To comparison the level of public awareness intheir respective areas against (2) Analysis level of public awareness and taken action against the landslides. The method used in the research is survey interview byPropose random sampling based on highest level of vulnerability to landslides in Karangtengah. The results of this research (1) The highest participation rates are in rural communities village of Ngambarsari, areas Jeblogan vilage and Temboro vilagehave secondary enrollment rate, (2). Public participation research is done in two ways, effort and money, contribution of labor in the form of Mutal Coorporation, while cash donations from the government and other donors



landslide, Disaster, Community Participation, Sub District Karangtengah