Peran Kepemimpinan Camat Dalam Mensukseskan Pelaksanaan Pembangunan Desa (Studi Kasus Di Kecamatan Benai Kabupaten Kuantan Singingi)

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This research researched about the role of subdistrick head laeadership in succeeding the implementation of village development. The role of it is so essentral since the function of a leader in an organization is something tructial and cant be denied anymore on the existence and the development of the organization. Leadership is someone ability in influenting and metiuating other people to do something based on their tommon goal. Leadership ineludes influence process in determining the purpose of the organization, motivate followers behavior to achive the goal, influence to improve ist group and culture. On the research related to the role of subdistrict head leadership in succeeding the implementation of village development, study case in Benai subdistrict Kuansing Regency, so the writer had indent to use Farren and Kaye Theory (2002) said that the success of a leader can be assested by four aspects, they are : ability, responsibility, participation and tooperation. That is why, the writer will tend to lead it based on those four aspects. In this research, the method user by the writer was cansus technique that used primer and scunder data and analyzed descriptively and qualitatively. Is described completely about the research abject and fenomenas happened that related to the main problems. After doing the research, it can be conclused that the role of subdistrict leadership in Benai subdisrtick Kuansing regency ran quite well. It can be seen by fulfilling 3 of 4 indicators needed. Based on the case above, the writer suggested to intrease the role of subdistrict leadership in order to get better condition and the implementation of village development can run well and smooth. So that the society feel satisfied toword development in Benai subdistrict Kuansing regency



The role of district leadership, rural development, sub Benai