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Browsing Mathematics by Subject "perfect numbers"

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  • Ananda, Vira (2021-01)
    This article discusses some properties of de cient perfect numbers that is, every odd perfect numbers have a de cient perfect numbers. Then, there are odd perfect numbers and Descartes numbers from the de cient perfect ...
  • Hafidz, Izzy Muhammad Al (wahyu sari yeni, 2019-03-30)
    This articel discusess some rules for generating near-perfect numbers. All near-perfect numbers with this rules have two distinct prime factors. This is a review of Pollack and Shevelev’s paper [Journal of Number Theory, ...
  • Nisa, Rosa Khairun (wahyu sari yeni, 2019-04-23)
    This article discusses several properties of digital roots of powers of numbers. The digital root of number is one digit value which obtained by calculating the sum of each digit iteratively until one digit number is ...

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