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  • Gunawan, Hendra; Mashadi; Gemawati, Sri; Nursupiamin; Sihwaningrum, Idha (2016-02-17)
    In this paper we discuss some existing notions of orthogonality in 2-normed spaces and their drawback. We also formulate new de¯nitions of orthogo- nality that improve the existing ones. In the standard 2-normed space, ...
  • Mashadi; Gemawati, Sri; Hasriati; Herlinawati, Hesy (2016-02-17)
    Suppose that ABCD is a quadrilateral. Then there will be 4 pieces of semiexcircle on the quadrilateral. In this paper, we will discuss how to determine the length of the radii of the semi-excircle, but previously we will ...
  • Mashadi; Gemawati, Sri (2016-02-17)
    We study some alternative concepts for a fuzzy normed space and a fuzzy 2- normed space together with a fuzzy inner product space and a fuzzy 2-inner product space. The method is to make use of fuzzy points. We also ...
  • Mashadi; Gemawati, Sri; Hasriati; Januarti, Putri (2016-02-17)
    Any quadrilateral not necessarily have excircle, in this paper will discuss necessary and sufficient condition that any quadrilateral having excircle. It also will set the various lengths of the sides are formed from the ...
  • Gunawan H; Budhi, Setya; Mashadi; Gemawati, Sri (2016-02-17)
    Given a linearly independent set of n vectors in a normed space, we are interested in computing the “volume” of the n-dimensional parallelepiped spanned by them. In `p (1 p < 1), we can use the known semi-inner product ...

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